Mobile applications are gaining widespread popularity amongst SMEs to outreach a huge customer base through one significant platform. Simpidea combines the advanced engagement methods, latest mobile technologies along with effective system integration to deliver you results that offer long-lasting business values. Unlike other stand-alone applications that essentially focus on single type users over huge network, the mobility enterprise apps involve several variables.

At Simpidea, we hold significant proficiency in working on the distinctive platform of mobility enterprise apps. Built on cross-platform, the mobility products require a unique application that can cover all types of connection types and products. We offer a wide spectrum of featured services for your business ranging from initial consulting to mobility based enterprise solutions that may include –

  • Consulting and strategy
  • Intellectual solutions of property-based mobility technology
  • Development as well as maintenance of mobile application
  • Services of mobile testing

Our streamlined development services

Simpidea mobility solutions are capable of helping you in creating better and advanced efficiencies through business processes driven by mobile. Our expert developers employ the latest technologies of mobility development to create enterprise level of applications. By following the three significant rules of mobility enterprise apps development religiously, we deliver nothing but the best to you. These three crucial rules include –

  • It should support minimum three mobile applications or more.
  • It should support minimum of three mobile OS (operating systems) or more.
  • It should integrate with minimum three sources of back-end data.

Explore the Simpidea benefits

Most of you may wonder why you should prefer a mobile enterprise app for your business. Of course, it is an obvious question to occur in your mind, and the answer is simple too with Simpidea. If you opt for our mobility enterprise solutions, you can avail the following crucial benefits for your business that may include –

  • Uninterrupted connectivity with your employees irrespective of the kind of device they use and their location.
  • Convenient access to all your company’s data from anywhere.
  • Easy screen sharing option available for all types of operating systems and mobile devices.
  • Remarkably increases your overall productivity thereby reducing your investments.