The mobile market is thriving, which is a good thing to happen. However, with manifold operating systems (Android, iOS and many more) and millions of devices available in the market, it is quite challenging to keep the users engaged with your application every time and everywhere. Simpidea holds a befitting solution to this problem as it comes up with handy approach to succeed in today’s mega-competitive apps economy. We provide automated testing services that span the lifecycle of a mobile app.

Our Mobile App Testing services

Simpidea provides in-depth expertise and finest practices in test automation. Our hands-on expertise with prominent automation tools ensures the desired outcomes. In order to address the various technical aspects, we perform the following types of testing on the mobile application.

Compatibility testing- We test the application in distinct browsers, mobile devices, screen sizes and operating system version as per the requirements.

Interface testing- Under this, our experts perform the testing of buttons, menu options, history, bookmarks, navigation flow and settings of the application.

Usability testing- It ensures that the mobile app is easy to use and offers an agreeable user experience to the customers. Our professional experts can help you discharge apps that delight the users at cost effective price ranges.

Services testing- This refers to testing the services of the application offline and online.

Low-level resource testing- Here, we test the memory usage, local database growing issues and deletion of the temporary files etc.

Security testing- It includes testing an application to confirm whether the information system protects data or not.

Performance Testing- It refers to testing the android app for performance with the help of sophisticated automation tools.

Operational testing – It refers to testing of recovery plan and backups when the data loss or battery goes down at the time of upgrading app from the store.

Installation tests- We confirm the validation of the application through installing/uninstalling it on the devices.

With such numerous mobile app testing methods, we make sure that the end users embrace your apps without hassles. Hence, feel free to contact us to avail our quality app testing services.